We Want Every Child to be a Great Reader!

We know that great readers comprehend what they read. Reading is the fundamental building block in education and it will be the key to success for just about every aspect of life. Teaching our kids important reading strategies will help them become successful readers. It is not just the responsibility of our schools to teach our kids to read. As a community parents, grandparents, guardians and those who care can help this generation excel at reading!

We are passionate about helping young people become great readers. For this reason, we have crafted these videos for you to use with your child, grandchild or loved one. We believe if you watch one video before every one-on-one reading time with your young reader and then practice the simple lesson, —you will be amazed at the growth you will see in your child’s reading fluency and comprehension.

“Parent involvement is the number one predictor of early literacy success.”  National Education Association

“Reading is the basis for learning and school success. While reading is learned primarily in the classroom, many students need extra time and help.” U.S. Department of Education

Having tools to figure out difficult words and strategies to understand text will help any child excel and become a successful reader sooner, regardless of their reading level. These fun and simple video lessons are a great way to start each reading time with your child.

Invest in your child today. Reading is the key to success now and in the future!