Videos for Fluency and Comprehension

This is Lesson 7 of our many video lessons. There are three other sample lessons below. Take a look to see if you and your young reader might benefit from these helpful reading tools and tips designed specifically for parents who want to help their kids be successful readers.

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Finding a Just Right book


#15 Good Readers: Summarize as they read 


Get Ready to Read!

Watch these powerful video lessons together before you read with your child!

Video Topics

Video Title Length
Intro Introduction 6:19
Video 1 Finding Just Right Books 4:29
Video 2 Get Ready to Read 4:01
Video 3 Make Connections 3:59
Video 4 Pay Attention to Punctuation Marks 6:13
Video 5 When Stuck on a Word -Sound it Out 8:12
Video 6 When Stuck on a Word – Look for Chunks 7:52
Video 7 When Stuck on a Word – Look at the Picture 4:35
Video 8 When Stuck on a Word – Skip the Word and Go Back 9:00
Video 9 Ask Does it Make Sense? 7:27
Video 10 Good Readers Re-Read for Fluency, Expression and Comprehension 9:05
Video 11 Good Readers Comprehend what they Read 5:05
Video 12 Good Readers Ask Questions 4:05
Video 13 Good Readers Make Predictions 3:05
Video 14 Good Readers Visualize 6:21
Video 15 Good Readers Summarize 4:58
Video 16 Good Readers Monitor and Adjust Reading Speed 7:59
Video 17  Good Readers Have Clear Goals 5:01
Video 18 Activate Prior Knowledge 6:10
Video 19 Good Readers Use KWL Charts 9:01

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